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Medical Cases

Medical red cross icon.Flambeau Product's extensive line of medical cases and boxes are the some of the most versatile in the field. Constructed of high-density polymers, our medical line is light-weight, rustproof, scratch and chemical-resistant. Case Club's medical cases, chests, and instrument boxes are built to last with extra compartments for the ultimate in convenience and ease-of-use. Used by EMS personnel, rescue, first-responders, trainers, triage staff and other respected medical professionals around the globe, our variety of flambeau products will meet your needs in most any application.

Standard Lightweight Medical Cases

Flambeau paramedic case with open drawers showing compartments.

Flambeau paramedic tool box open with liftout cantilever tray.

Flambeau paramedic case with liftout removable tray.

Flambeau paramedic drawer cabinet with drawers open.

Paramedic Cases- Large

Paramedic Case-Small

First Aid Cases Drawer Cabinets

Flambeau paramedic command center box closed white latches.

Gray Flambeau instrument case open used for paramedics.

Flambeau trauma drug kit with cantilever tray coming out the top.

Flambeau paramedic gear box is closed with handle sticking up.

Command Center Box Instrument Cases Trauma Drug Kits Paramedic Gear Box

Medical Device Box ScriptSafe Cases    


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