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Flambeau Products

With our large inventory of flambeau products you'll be sure to find what your looking for. Even better all products have discounted prices so you'll know that you're getting the best deals. Be sure to check out all of flambeau's products because chances are the perfect case is a click away. If you have any questions about flambeau products be sure to give us a call and we would be happy to help you out. Our friendly staff is very knowledgeable and can answer most questions regarding Flambeau.

Infinity Cases

Shock absorbing and light weight with integral hinge.

Pin Hinge Cases

Shock absorbing and light weight with metal pin hinge.

Black Ribbon Cases

Tough impact and water resistant.

Tradesman/Merchant Cases

 Inexpensive & universal.

Rifle | Pistol Cases

Economical Gun Cases

Compartmentalized Cases

Huge diversity of organization.

Tool Boxes

Convenient with maximum durability.

Specialty Storage Products

Specialized storage boxes

Medical Boxes

Inexpensive medical boxes

Defender Cases

Withstands high impact.

Conductive Products

Ultimate protection from static electricity.

Biodegradable Products


Beta Cases

Minimum Order 500

R-Series Cases

Minimum Order 500


Bow Cases


Flambeau Products -The largest selection anywhere of Flambeau Packaging Products

Flambeau Products are the solution to protecting valuables. These cost effective cases and products will safely protect all types of equipment in just about any industry. Most flambeau products are chemical and ultra violet resistant which means they belong on the job site. The smaller products such as compartmentalized boxes are great for storage and transportation of small items. Hobbyists and professionals alike will love the divider systems in these flambeau cases as they serve for the ultimate organization of small parts. These small flambeau products often have removable dividers which can adjust the compartment sizes allowing for an infinite number of combinations and sizes. The larger flambeau products such as the toolboxes and rifle cases offer unique solutions as well. The rifle products for example are cost effective cases that can be taken to the range. These come with convoluted interiors which makes them flexible and of course interchangeable.

Even Flambeau's toolbox product line is unique. Some boxes so unique they have built in lights so tools and part can be accessed in complete darkness. In some industries the most extreme products are required. Take into consideration flambeau's conductive product line. These cases will protect your parts, not only from scrapes and bumps, but from unseen static electricity. Talk about protection...

Recently flambeau came out with their biodegradable product line. Any case or box can be ordered in the biodegradable version which will dissolve in a land fill. Flambeau is a very green company and with this new product line you can be too. Don't be alarmed though as these cases wont dissolve on a shelf or car, but only when discarded and thrown into a landfill. Most products by flambeau now have the option of hotstamping so your companies logo is as easy as 1.2.3. Products marked around the website with "hotstamp" signify this hotstamp option. Products marked with express have the option of going out sooner than normal for those in serious rushes. All the rest of flambeaus products are marked with "stock" signifying that flambeau does stock the item which means quick shipping for you.

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