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Conductive Cases

Flambeau Product's line of conductive cases, cabinets, storage cases and bins are the industry standard for the electric protection and safe handling of static sensitive components. We offer a wide variety of sizes and styles of conductive cases that are easily configured to meet your needs. Our conductive storage cases are manufactured to a 105W/in2 or better volume resistance specification. These conductive cases do not fit most general applications, however, they do have their place. If your expensive equipment or parts require a very sensitive storage and/or carrying case that is conductive, we have exactly what you need. Taking conductive cases to the next level, we also can provide anti-static foam for these and any other case. Put those two together and you have the ultimate protection from static electricity.

Flambeau conductive cases shown in a group with pink anti static foam.

Flambeau C824 conductive compartmentalize box.

Flambeau C801 conductive black storage box.

Flambeau C618 conductive box open with multiple dividers.

Flambeau C601 conductive box shown open.
Conductive Cases C824 Conductive Box C801 Conductive Box C618 Conductive Box C601 Conductive Box

Black conductive flambeau 14800-2c tool box. Black U30p-c flambeau storage cabinet is conductive. Black U26p-c flambeau storage cabinet is conductive. Black U20p-c flambeau storage cabinet is conductive. Black U45p-c flambeau storage cabinet is conductive.
14800-2c Conductive Tool Box U30p-c Storage Cabinet C26p-c Storage Cabinet C20p-c Storage Cabinet U45p-c Storage Cabinet

Black U161 crt flambeau conductive storage tower can rotate.




161 crt Rototower        


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