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Flambeau Compartmentalized Boxes

For small parts our compartmentalized cases are the solution. Perfect for hobby parts or small products our line of compartmentalized cases are ideal. Choose from a variety of features including number of compartment and clarity. These small cases will protect even the most delicate equipment and are great for keeping everything in place and neatly organized. These Flambeau Product Lines each have their own unique characteristics that make them more or less suited for specific uses. For example, while the Diamondback Series may boast crystal clear clarity for convenience of use, it comes nowhere close to the ruggedness of the M-series, and every case between those two extremes serves its own function.

Flambeau A-Series compartmentalized case group. Group of flambeau diamondback compartmentalized cases. Group of flambeau K-series compartmentalized cases.
A-Series Diamondback K-Series

Group of yellow flambeau M-Series and T-Series compartmentalized cases. Group of flambeau Mighty-Tuff compartmentalized cases. Clear Flambeau Precision compartmentalized cases stacked.
M-Series Mighty-Tuff Precision

Group of flambeau IDS compartmentalized boxes. Stacked clear flambeau Tuff Tainer compartmentalized cases.
T-Series IDS Boxes Tuff Tainer
Stacked flambeau v-series compartmentalized cases.


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